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Toronto Videos: Watch & Share

Tourism Toronto’s Official YouTube Channel has several videos that showcase the attractions, events and seasons that make the city spectacular. Find some of our recent videos below.

Video: The Views Are Different Here

Tourism Toronto’s exciting & dynamic new video.

The Views Are Different Here

Video: Destination Toronto

Show them what makes Toronto incredible.

Destination Toronto

Video: Toronto Girlfriends Getaway (Summer Series)

Sip, savour, share and seize the night with your girlfriends in the city.

Toronto Girlfriends Getaway

Video: Toronto Couples Getaway (Summer Series)

Enchant, rekindle, surprise, dazzle and delight your partner with summer dates in the city.

Toronto Couples Getaway

Video: Toronto Family Getaway (Summer Series)

Venture, connect, play, laugh and amaze yourself with summer activities and events in the city.

Toronto Family Getaway

Video: June in Toronto (Summer Series)

Sail, sway, sing, love and celebrate the beginning of your summer in Toronto.

June in Toronto

Video: July in Toronto (Summer Series)

Indulge, groove, chase, refresh and rhumba your way through the city.

July in Toronto

Video: Celebrities Talk Toronto

Find out what your favourite TIFF celebrities love about Toronto.

Celbrities Talk Toronto

Video: Holiday Season in Toronto

The holiday season in Toronto is a time for family, friends, fun and festivity.

Holidays in Toronto